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About us:
     Clifton J. Tracy Jr.
     October 11, 2001
     A brief Bio.
     Phone: 661 944 4310
     Fax #: 661 944 5908
     Email: Ctracy@Juno.Com or Ctracy1654@Aol.Com
     I was born in Lake Providence Louisiana to a Miss Annie Lee Rivers
     Who died eight years later and I was sent to a foster home to complete my child hood education .
     I went into the army by putting my age up from 17 to 18 and came out in the Army reserves. The Korean war started, my unit was activated as a training unit to train the National Guard for overseas duty in Korea. I was discharged in 1951. I went to Metropolitan high school to finish my high school education so I could get a job working for Douglas Aircraft. I worked for Northrop, Lockheed, International harvester, Acrolap Inc. Transaid corp. and finally my own business C J Tracy's Machine Maintenance.
     Between jobs I met my wife and joined the World Wide Church of God under the auspices of Herbert W. Armstrong. My wife gave me four basic kids from whom I have thirteen grand children seventeen great grand. As of today Wednesday July 28, 2005 I have 26.
     Coming from a somewhat religious background and basically Baptist, I began to wonder whom and what is God. I wondered why I had to pass so many Churches to get to mine. I began to search the bible for answers. I concluded in September of 94 seven concepts that I have not heard them taught; nor have I seen in any religious dogma quite like I have found them here.
     I am not a Preacher nor teacher with any organization that supports me, in my search for truth. I am just a son of Jehovah Jesus (God) seeking to learn more about my Father and His plans for the Universe. I have no church organization that sponsors me. My family and I have this site because I am the author of this book, A New Look At An Old Book.
     Realizing I need some type of writing skills to communicate what I have found to others. I attended Collage to get an AA degree in writing. I need a lot more training in research and communication, of which I will continue to train my self and develop my skills.
     There are many facets to God and his plans. I would like to be on the ground floor building with my Father. Jesus used the word mansions, a very big house with many rooms; I used the word facets because in those many mansions are many different professions. God appoints out of these professions the best professionals to be in his family and to run his Government. I am working on my position now so that when the time comes the transition will be smooth and sure.

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