The Blood Covenant requirement of Abraham's Day
This is how the Blood Covenant was established in Abraham's day as taught by Creflo Dollar Jr..

We understand that covenants are made for differences, not the similarities. Example: The William's family they are warriors, they know how to fight. The Berg family are business men, they know how to handle business. The William's brothers are weak in business, The Berg family weak in fighting, they don't know how to fight, so they cut a covenant.

The very first thing that has to happen in covenant cutting is lengthy discussion, lengthy conversation, and intelligent lengthy discussion. Why? Well they need to come together and discuss the terms of the covenant. They need to come together to talk about how they are going to benefit from one another, how they could help one another, they need to explain to each other their weakness, and their strengths, and what will happen to them. By talking intelligently they will find out what each have to offer; they can now decide terms of the covenant.
At the same time they not only talk about the benefits of coming together and making decisions, but also talk about if they don't fulfill their agreement the curses that can happen if they don't do what was agreed to in this covenant. They have a long lengthy discussion.

The second thing that takes place is that they go back and each family member will choose a covenant representative. That representative will exemplify the character of that family.

The third thing that takes place, They select a covenant sight, so that both families can come, like an arena, or like a church where people come to see you get married. The whole family on both sides will come to that place, at that covenant site, and they will be a witness to that covenant cutting ceremony.

The fourth thing that will happen is they will send, or each will send a representative out to go and find the covenant sacrifice. That covenant sacrifice will be either a heifer or a ram or whatever they find it will have to be big because they need the blood and the two halves. They will take that sacrifice and they will put that sacrifice in a position where they will hold the head up.
To carve a covenant animal the cut is very precise, it is cut from the back of the neck straight down behind the spine, straight down on the back bone, straight on the back into two perfect halves. They take those halves and place them opposite one another. In between those halves there is blood. There is much blood that's accumulating between those halves. There is something about blood that once you see it you will never be the same.

The fifth thing to happen is the exchange of authority and power. The covenant representative come in the middle of the walkway of blood and exchanges their coats. Those coats represent who each member is and what power and authority they represent.
The best example is in military terms; we have the Air force, Army and Navy. We have the coats that identify the Air force, Army or Navy and it show the rank that comes with that coat, sergeant, lieutenant or general. When they exchange coats, they exchange the authority they have. For example: if one party take off his general’s coat in the army that means the other party is a part of the army and also gives the authority to act in the first party's place general. Which mean the two parties have exchanged not only who they are but all of the authority that come with who they are.
When a son is adopted, the son becomes who the father is and all of the authority that came with the father.

The sixth event; they exchanged weaponry or weapons belt. Loins girt about you with truth, that girdle is a weapons' belt.
Eph 6:14) Stand therefore, having your loins girt about with truth, and having on the breastplate of righteousness;
The warrior will present to the businessman his weapons. The businessman will present to the warrior his business expertise or abacus like our modern day computer. That mean the warrior pledges, by giving his weapon, that no one will ever fight you without having to fight me, I will fight your battles for you. The business man says OK there will never be a time of negotiation concerning business you will never have to handle again because now I am your business man.
Gen 12:3) And I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee: and in thee shall all families of the earth be blessed.

The Seventh event; After they have exchanged the weaponry they stand in the midst of that blood and look at one another and they face one another and began to quote the conditions of the covenant, they begin to talk those terms that have been discussed. Like at a wedding when you began to say your vows to one another, they began to say the terms of that covenant and they talk about the irrevocable promises of that covenant, and the curses that come for not fulfilling that covenant. They began to walk in the alley of blood. As they pass one another walking in that blood they began to quote their vows to one another.

The eighth event; Then after they walk through that path of blood the walkway of blood it is called the alley of blood; they cut an incision in their hand or their whist and they take that incision they cut it blood flows and they bind their hand together mingling their blood together. They are receiving one another's blood, and hold one another's hands up so that both families can see that their blood has come together. They each go to their family and their family will put gun powder, or something on that incision to make it more outstanding so that every family member that see that old ugly incision it will mark their memory of what took place at that day.

The ninth event; the changing of names there is a coming together of names, Now the berg's family and the Williams family no longer are Berg or Williams but they are called the Williamsburg family. Coming with that name is all the authority.

The tenth event; they prepare to have a covenant meal and the cup that represent the blood and they eat and they drink and they declare one another that I am willing to die for you, I am willing to die for this covenant we have made, and they quote the curses also. If you break this covenant we will hunt you down from generation to generation till we find you and kill you. They leave as the Williamsburg family there is nothing but death that can break that covenant.
Now that you understand what Abraham understood, Abraham lived by this, covenant. This is how they established agreements when a man cuts this type of covenant with you he has got to be a fool to break it.

You dare not enter into that type of covenant and not be able to bring to pass what you promise to bring to pass, so all of a sudden Abraham or Abram said this God is serious. This God means what he says. I got something that guarantee me that I am going to get this land. I got something that guarantees that I am going to have a seed that will outnumber the stars I got something that guarantees me. Lets look at Genesis 15: and you will see all this stuff come to pass. Verse 8, And he said, Lord God, whereby shall I know that I shall inherit it?

The Lesson of 10 tapes entitled The Blood Covenant By Creflo Dollar Jr.

I hope these articles and a brief biography on page About us have given you a snap shot idea of the Author and somewhat of his character. I have no ax to grind nor am I trying to save the world. I am in search of the “Truth.” I am sincerely seeking God’s truth and would like to share it with whomever is interested. If you can find anything in my book or in my web site that is not true and you can prove it, show me and prove to me you know what you are talking about I will change.

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